beach wedding ceremonyThere are lots of things to plan for a beach wedding ceremony.

Planning is perhaps, even more important when opting for a beach wedding ceremony, as you will have a very wide range of options and there will probably be no opportunity for a ‘dry run’ – everything has to be perfect first time and there are a few more variables to take into account. Your beach wedding ceremony can be anything you want it to be - traditional, formal, informal etc.

Below is a list of some of the most important points to consider when planning your beach wedding ceremony.

We look at each of these in more detail in our other articles on this site – just follow the links.

Destination - there is a wide choice of beach wedding locations and they're not all the same. This will require a lot of research for you to find your perfect wedding destination.

Size - Some people choose a beach wedding ceremony because they want a romantic getaway – maybe just the wedding couple, or with a few close relatives/friends. While others take all their family and friends away with them, if it’s a destination wedding, or invite a big crowd if it’s close to home. Also, when you've decided who's coming, how do you want your beach wedding invitations to look?

Planning – do you plan the beach wedding ceremony yourself or use a wedding planner?

Clothing – people have different ideas about the ‘dress code’ for their beach wedding ceremony. Some couples will opt for very casual dress. For example, barefoot in the sand and casual dress for everyone. Other couples will opt for a semi-formal ceremony, where they and their guests wear more traditional wedding attire.

Timing - Lunchtime/afternoon is a popular time for a beach wedding ceremony when the lighting should be good for photographs. But also, sunset weddings are very popular. Perhaps a cross between the two could be an afternoon wedding, followed by a sunset cruise reception. Anything goes but don't forget tide times if this may be an issue.If you are interested in you need to visit this site.

Weather – Of course you want to plan for a good day but you also need to be prepared for a bad day, even if very unlikely. What are the alternative options if it's rainy or particularly windy?

Decorations - again, lots of choices of beach wedding decorations and we will look at some of these.

Seating – a few options available, obviously depending on numbers attending and the length of the ceremony (if you decide to use seating at all).

Music/Sound System - a beach wedding ceremony presents unique problems and advantages which you need to consider carefully.

beach wedding ceremonyPhotography – obviously, a very important part of the day – there are many different styles of wedding photography/videography and beach wedding photography brings it's own challenges and rewards. You will need to be sure that the professional you choose will provide exactly what you envisage.

Where will you say your vows? - you will need to know what options are available at your chosen destination. and how to make your desires a reality for this most important part of your beach wedding ceremony.

Facilities - what facilities, if any, will you require? DIY or a resort where everything is planned for you? Or anything in between.

Reception - where will this be, on the beach, hotel etc? Will you carry the beach theme over to the reception? Beach wedding centerpieces, decorations etc will also have to be planned.

Honeymoon - will you honeymoon with the rest of your guests? There are many options available and again this needs to be researched carefully.

Wow! Such a lot to think about and I hope you find the information we have provided useful and interesting. Have a wonderful beach wedding ceremony – with very careful planning, it can be everything you’ve dreamt of!

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beach wedding ceremony

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